Battlefield: The Complete Edition

Battlefield: The Complete Edition

Battlefield – Erotic Fiction with a twist

Kitty Douglas is a vivacious 19-year-old living in the Seattle area. Her life took a turn for the worse at the age of 9 when her parents were killed in a car accident, leaving her to be raised by her Aunt. Now she lives on the edge, exploring the kinky side of life which includes BDSM, Domination, and submission. Submission is a part of her being, but she falls deep under the thrall of a vicious Master and begins a spiral towards self-destruction.

Five stories in this volume include

Battlefield – Can Kitty’s Aunt and her Boyfriend bring Kitty back from the brink of self-destruction when a Dominant Master goes too far and show her the loving side of BDSM in enough time to save her sanity and her life?

Measure Of A Man – Following events in Battlefield, what happens when your life falls apart? Can you still find a way to come back together after tragedy. Is Love strong enough for three people bound together by both the D/S lifestyle and shared experiences?

21 Forever – Kitty is growing up, going to School and haunted by letters sent to herself from her past. Can she solve this mystery before the letters come true and tragedy strikes her family again?

Karen’s Tale – A Bonus story set in the early years, explaining the methods used to bring a drug-addicted reluctant prostitute back to her senses through loving BDSM and proper affection.

TheOldDragon’s Tale – The real-life experiences that inspired this entire work.

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