Breaking News: Sony Buys Nintendo

Released 04/01/2017 00:05am Breaking News from outside the Islands of Japan.

Two of Japan’s largest entertainment companies have announced unofficially that they are talking about a merger.

Both Sony Entertainment(SNE) and Nintendo Corp(NTDOY) have released information that due to the failure of Nintendo’s Switch gaming system to make multiple sales goals, Nintendo has begun talks with Sony to allow the Entertainment giant to acquire the entire Nintendo family of products and companies.

The Nintendo Switch, part of the 8th Generation of Video Game Consoles, was released on March 1, 2017. Insider reports show that the console has undersold it’s expected targets. With the unexpected loss in revenue, Nintendo had two choices, sell the console at less than manufacturing cost, or look to a larger company to buy it’s assets and shore up finances.

Sony and Nintendo have been making video game consoles since the 1990’s. With Nintendo financing the initial development of what would become the Playstation. Since the release of the Sony Playstation, then the subsequent release of Nintendo Flagship products like the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U, Both Companies have battled each other, and the American upstart challenger Microsoft for dominance in the Home Video Game Entertainment world.

Nintendo is the older company of the two, having been established in 1889, while Sony was established in 1946 and holds more than twice the revenue and value of the two. This helps to make a takeover much easier for the larger company as it can absorb the assets of Nintendo without too much impact to itself and expand rapidly with development of joint ventures.

Secretive Project unveiled

Rumour has it that Project PlayFurnace¬†is in development as the Ultimate 9th generation console that will allow Playstation games and Nintendo games to be played on a single platform. Leaked production specs include the AMD Stoney Ridge with Excavator Architecture running twin quad-core processors and a single PowerPC processor for dedicated processing tasks. This appears to allow for some type of dual-boot function so both the Sony Os and the Nintendo Os can run. The system also looks to be designed for 16GB of onboard memory and up to a 2TB HDD or perhaps a 500GB SSD drive. The initial specs also include both a large heatsink and multiple fan systems designed to vent air through the system much more efficiently than the Playstation 4’s fan systems, although no images exist yet for the PlayFurnace.

As stated, this is rumour and insider information. However, if it holds even a nougat of truth, better buy up Playstations and Switches as they may both be coming to an end quickly with the upcoming release of the PlayFurnace

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